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    Send Google Form notification to Slack via GoogleAppScript



    This post aims to describe how to integrate Google Form and Slack through Google App Script. The goal is that when a user submits a response to a form, the result shows up in Slack immediately.

    Setup Slack App

    First of all, create a Slack App and let it authorized to be allowed to send chat messages to your Slack workspace.
    In this post, I'm going to use incoming-webhook, but you can use chat:write.

    bot configuration

    Activate Incoming Webhooks in, then connect your slack channel that is going to get notifications with the activated Incoming Webhook.

    If an error message like This app is requesting permission to install a bot on your workspace, but it’s not currently configured with a bot shows up ,you should provision a bot user into your workspace. Presumably, Display Information at is where the bot provisioning can be done.


    To send results of form submitted to Slack, use Google App Script(GAS) as I described above. For that, only Slack webhook url is needed. Besides, if you'd like to see fancy message, Block-Kit maybe the best way.

    const SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL = ""
    const SPREAD_SHEET_URL = "";
    // this function gets called every after a user submits google form
    function onFormSubmit(e) {
      const message = buildSlackMessageBlock(e.response.getRespondentEmail(), e.response.getItemResponses())
    const sendToSlack = (body) => {
      const payload = JSON.stringify(body);
      const options = {
        method: "POST",
        contentType: "application/json",
      return UrlFetchApp.fetch(SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL, options);
    // using Block Kit to build message structure
    const buildSlackMessageBlock = (sender, responses) => {
      const text = responses.reduce((acc, input) => {
        return acc.concat([`*${input.getItem().getTitle()}*: ${input.getResponse()}`])
      }, []).join("\n")
      return {
        text: "New form submitted",
        blocks: [
              type: "section",
              text: {
                type: "mrkdwn",
                text: `from <${sender}>`
              accessory: {
                type: "button",
                text: {
                  type: "plain_text",
                  text: "Open SpreadSheet",
                  emoji: true
                value: "click_me_123",
                url: SPREAD_SHEET_URL,
                action_id: "button-action"
              type: "section",
              text: {
                type: "mrkdwn",
                text: text,

    After saving the script, create a trigger to enable the script after a form submitted.

    add trigger

    That's it!

    When a user submits a form, the result should show up in Slack immediately like below.

    slack message