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    Send Google Form notification to Slack via GoogleAppScript

    Using GAS to notify new update of Google Form immediately with fancy layout in Slack
    This post aims to describe how to integrate Google Form and Slack through Google App Script. The goal is that when a user submits a response to a form, the result shows up in Slack immediately. Setup Slack App First of all, create a Slack App and let it authorized to be allowed to send chat me

    Subscribe a Web Page using GoogleAppScript

    GoogleAppScript to watch and notify new updates of a web page that doesn't publish RSS feed.
    Some of web pages have RSS feed so that we can get notified when the pages updated through Feedly, Slack, etc. However, some of them don't have such useful features. This post describes how to _subscribe_ web pages that don't offer RSS feeds or something like that. HOW TO Use Google App Script