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    Apache Flink with Apache Kafka

    2021-01-15Apache FlinkApache Kafka
    Running a simple streaming application on top of Apache Flink with using Apache Kafka as Source and Sink
    This post describes how to utilize Apache Kafka as Source as well as Sink of realtime streaming application that run on top of Apache Flink. The previous post describes how to launch Apache Flink locally, and use Socket to put events into Flink cluster and process in it. Please refer to it to get

    ksqlDB first impression

    2020-05-08Apache Kafka
    Getting started ksqlDB, and how it works
    Recently, I've listened a couple of podcast episodes about ksqlDB. - [kSQLDB: Kafka Streaming Interface with Michael Drogalis - Software Engineering Daily]( - [Easier Stream Processing On Kafka