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    How to deploy a Next.js application running on Cloud Run via GitHub Actions

    2022-01-25GCPNext.jsCloud RunGitHub Actions
    Explain how to deploy a blog powered by Next.js to GCP Cloud Run through GitHub Actions
    As I posted before, this blog is running on GCP Cloud Run and also is built with Next.js. Previously, before migrating to Next.js from Gatsby, this blog used to get deployed automatically via GitHub Action

    Running a blog powered by Next.js on Cloud Run

    2021-12-28Next.jsGCPCloud Run
    Build a blog with Next.js and run it on GCP Cloud Run which is a managed platform for enabling users to run containers very easily
    This blog had been built with [Gatsby](, but I decided to migrate to [Next.js]( just for learning it. This post is going to describe what the arcitecture is and how to deploy this blog to [GCP Cloud Run]( which is a serverless platf