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    Empower Pattern Matching in Ruby

    2020-04-10RubyFunctional Programming
    Quick overview of pattern match in Ruby and Gems to empower it
    Ruby2.7 provides Pattern Matching feature as an experimental one. I used to do pattern matching in Scala, so I'm excited to be able to use it in Ruby! tl;dr [Rstructural Gem]( what I'

    Circuit Breaker in Ruby

    2020-04-16RubyFunctional Programming
    Introduction of Circuit Breaker and RCB gem I developed
    I've developed a circuit breaker in Ruby, and published it as rcb gem in - GitHub: [petitviolet/rcb]( - RubyGems: [rcb]( What is CircuitBreaker? CircuitBreaker is a well-known pattern to make services stable that