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    Fix GCP Deployment from GitHub Action

    2020-11-23GoogleAppEngineGitHub Actions
    Update GCP related GitHub Action configurations to fix deployment issues
    Previously, I posted about how to deploy this blog via GitHub Actions to Google AppEngine. However, because of recent updates, it started failing. This post describes how to update the GitHub Action configurations to fix

    Configure custom 404 in GAE with Gatsby

    How to write app.yaml to specify 404 in static file hosting
    tl;dr Use require_matching_file: true for not 404, and wildcard routing for 404 to handle the other paths. yaml:title=app.yaml - url: /(.*) static_files: public/\1 upload: public/(.*) secure: always require_matching_file: true - url: /(.*) static_files: public/404.html upload

    Manage new entry using GitHub Actions

    2020-03-18GoogleAppEngineGitHub Actions
    Deploy preview version and notify it
    [The previous entry](/post/deploy-blog-via-github-actions) describes how to deploy static sites through GitHub Actions. As the next step, this entry is going to show how to manage new entries, and also how to publish entries based on schedules. Deploy preview versions triggered by pull requests

    Deploy blog via GitHub Actions

    2020-03-10GoogleAppEngineGitHub Actions
    Deploy automation using GitHub Actions.
    This blog( is hosted on Google AppEngine(a.k.a GAE). GAE is super useful not only for dynamic WEB applications but also for static sites. To deploy applications and sites on GAE, it just needs to call gcloud app deploy command. Speaking of GAE deployments, it usuall