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    Building Relational Database on top of RocksDB in Rust

    Developed a tiny database system in Rust with using RocksDB as its underlying storage layer and rust-rocksdb library to interact with RocksDB
    Recently I developed a tiny database system called rrrdb in Rust on top of RocksDB, which is a well-known Key-Value store. "rrrdb" came from Relational-database in Rust with RocksDB, though I'd not say rrrdb is a relational database since it doesn't support having relations between objects at all

    Sorted String Table in Rust

    Implement SSTable to learn Rust and for fun
    Recently, I've been learning Rust. Then, I started implementing sorted string table in Rust in order to learn Rust deeply and also understand SSTable architecture, which is used by underlying storage engines in various modern database softwares. I'm going to describe what I implemented as my first

    Reading Note - Spanner paper

    Reading note of a paper of Google's Spanner which is a well-known globally distributed database
    This post is my reading note for the paper of Spanner. Distributed SQL database and also NewSQL are a kind of trends in our industry. I think that Spanner, Google's globally-distributed database, is the beginning of such era. The paper is available [here](

    Ruby on Rails on YugabyteDB

    How to use YugabyteDB as a backend storage of Ruby on Rails application.
    YugabyteDB is "The Leading High-Performance Distributed SQL Database". It has been developed as an open source and called [Distributed SQL]( YugabyteDB is a Distributed SQL product, like Google Cloud Spanner which is

    Reading Note - Presto The Definitive Guide

    Reading note of Presto the Definitive Guide, architecture ovewview, terminologies
    A book about [Presto](, "Presto: The Definitive Guide" has been published by Starburst. We can get PDF for free from here [O'Reilly Presto Guide Download – Starburst Data]( The book covers a broader themes of [Prest