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    Building Relational Database on top of RocksDB in Rust

    Developed a tiny database system in Rust with using RocksDB as its underlying storage layer and rust-rocksdb library to interact with RocksDB
    Recently I developed a tiny database system called rrrdb in Rust on top of RocksDB, which is a well-known Key-Value store. "rrrdb" came from Relational-database in Rust with RocksDB, though I'd not say rrrdb is a relational database since it doesn't support having relations between objects at all

    Use RocksDB from Rust

    Basic usage of rust-rocksdb, and some findings
    RocksDB is an embeddable key-value storage that has been developed by Facebook. Many database products are using RocksDB as their low-level storage layer, such as MySQL, MongoDB, TiDB, etc. This post describes the basic usage of RocksDB from Rust. OSS community has been developing [rust-rocksdb](h