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    Rust async/await with Trait

    Quick note for how to use async/await syntax with Trait in Rust
    Rust supports asynchronous programming with async and await syntax since Rust 1.39.0. [Asynchronous Programming in Rust]( would be the best material to learn asynchronous programming in Rust. This

    Building Relational Database on top of RocksDB in Rust

    Developed a tiny database system in Rust with using RocksDB as its underlying storage layer and rust-rocksdb library to interact with RocksDB
    Recently I developed a tiny database system called rrrdb in Rust on top of RocksDB, which is a well-known Key-Value store. "rrrdb" came from Relational-database in Rust with RocksDB, though I'd not say rrrdb is a relational database since it doesn't support having relations between objects at all

    Use RocksDB from Rust

    Basic usage of rust-rocksdb, and some findings
    RocksDB is an embeddable key-value storage that has been developed by Facebook. Many database products are using RocksDB as their low-level storage layer, such as MySQL, MongoDB, TiDB, etc. This post describes the basic usage of RocksDB from Rust. OSS community has been developing [rust-rocksdb](h

    GitHub Action for Rust Project Test and Benchmark

    Set up GitHub Action for Rust project to run tests and benchmarks
    I've been learning Rust as posted previously. This project has a small amount of tests as well as benchmark. To enable running tests and benchmark to validate how recent changes affect both functionality and performance, I d

    Sorted String Table in Rust

    Implement SSTable to learn Rust and for fun
    Recently, I've been learning Rust. Then, I started implementing sorted string table in Rust in order to learn Rust deeply and also understand SSTable architecture, which is used by underlying storage engines in various modern database softwares. I'm going to describe what I implemented as my first